The Combat Paper Project  Iraq War Vet and book and paper artists Drew Cameron and Drew Matott teach veterans to utilize their uniforms worn in combat to create cathartic works of art. They cut, beat and pulp their fatigues to create paper, reclaiming their uniform as art to embrace their experience as a soldier at war.  Workshops are held all over the country and abroad.

Warrior Writers Project  Lovella Calica leads veterans in writing workshops as a means to process their time in war. Their work is then compiled into books, performances and exhibits. Based in Philadelphia and NY.

The Veterans’ Sanctuary  An innovative model to address veteran health and reintegration issues within a safe and supportive community. Gives veterans access to peer support networks, holistic care and artistic tools for self-expression. They are hoping to build a permanent healing residence for veterans in Ithaca, NY
Seven Star Art  Showcases Iraq War Vet, Jon Turner's artistic ventures from the Green Door Studio in Burlington, VT where the Combat Paper Project began. Many of the books and paintings at Seven Star Art are available for purchase and can be seen at various exhibits. Seven Star Art is moving to San Francisco.
Watch video! Jenny Packanowski reads her poetry at a Warrior Writers Performance - Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.