Poster Girl DVD
Receive a free DVD with a donation of $50 or more to support 
Veterans Healing Arts (does not include public screening rights).
11X17 POSTER: Free when you purchase 25 dvds or more for your library. We can provide a .psd or .pdf file for customizing for your events.

11 X 17 POSTER


Personal Use DVD

The Personal Use DVD may be viewed by individuals in a private home setting. Personal Use DVDs are NOT licensed for public, educational or institutional settings.

Educational and Public Use DVD
The Public Use DVD may be used by a college, university, or large independent library or academic organization in an academic/classroom setting, or as part of an educational institution's library catalog. Includes public screening license. 

Institutional purchase orders, please contact: Portrayal Films  l  l  617.803.5173


To schedule a campus or public screening and speaking engagement with director, Sara Nesson and subject, Robynn Miurray, please contact: 
Portrayal Films  l  l  617.803.5173

Foreign Sales

Contact: Dan Selig at HBO Films. Email: 


  • Bonus Footage / Deleted Scenes
  • IRAQ PAPER SCISSORS, companion film to Poster Girl (45 minutes)
  • Custom designed Teachers Guide for your high school or college level classroom (Educational DVD only)
  • Links to: 
    • More deleted scenes 
    • Q&A with subject and director 
    • Update on Robynn
    • Facts on PTSD 
    • Resources for Vets 
    • Get Involved